About me

What I believe sets humans effectively apart from other species is our ability to craft tools. Society’s greatest innovations, including the controlled use of fire, the wheel and the printing press were created by individuals who understood the nature and shortcomings of existing practices and translated them into useful tools.

My passion for technology comes from the consideration of what makes technology useful, usable, and desirable. In my role of a UX Researcher, I am an expert at making user observations actionable. I systematically reduce uncertainty in product management through qualitative and quantitative user research and iterative prototyping. Using explorative and evaluative methods, from ethnography to usability, survey measurement to experimental design and log data analysis, I seek to better understand and improve how people interact and engage via and with technology.

Mentorship has played and continues to play an important role in my career development. I want to give back and offer mentorship to aspiring UX Researchers in their early career stages (University to first job).

Mentoring Topics

  • Entering UX Research
  • Developing UX Research skills
  • Career and job application guidance
  • Soft skills for researchers
  • Research methods (qual & quant)
  • UX Research at Startups

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We believe that learning is a basic need of every human being.

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