Hi, I am Jannik. For the past years, I have been the CTO and Co-Founder of a tech Startup that grew from 0 to 20 people. We are building data products in the crypto space with the vision of democratising passive income with a single click.

During my journey at Staking Rewards my role transitioned to be more managing-focused over time and I learned to build a remote company sometimes the hard way. Nevertheless, it is a fun ride. I got to know different kinds of pitfalls and learned how to overcome some of the challenges a young tech company faces with building an engaging remote culture, setting up a well-oiled product delivery lifecycle or shaping an efficient engineering team.

So, if you are looking for a second opinion or advice on any of the above or other things, I am happy to share my experience and help where I can.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Company & Team Building
  • Tech Recruitment
  • Product Management
  • Remote Culture
  • System architecture

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