Hi, I am Jannik. For the past years, I have been the CTO and Co-Founder of a tech Startup that grew from 0 to 20 people. We are building data products in the crypto space with the vision of democratising passive income with a single click. During my journey at Staking Rewards my role transitioned to be more managing-focused over time and I learned to build a remote company sometimes the hard way. Nevertheless, it is a fun ride. I got to know different kinds of pitfalls and learned how to overcome some of the challenges a young tech company faces with building an engaging remote culture, setting up a well-oiled product delivery lifecycle or shaping an efficient engineering team. So, if you are looking for a second opinion or advice on any of the above or other things, I am happy to share my experience and help where I can.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Company & Team Building
  • Tech Recruitment
  • Product Management
  • Remote Culture
  • System architecture
10.May 2024

5.March 2024

Jannik is such a cool person with a very genuine interest in product-development and entrepreneurship. His insights were not only super helpful but more importantly specific, experience-based and transparent. The time absolutely flew by and we decided to right away schedule another session as it was a great exchange! If you are interested in Web 3.0, Entrepreneuership, Business- & Product-Development --> Jannik will be a great mentor!

8.February 2024

6.February 2024

Insightful session with Jannik. He helped me get a better understanding of what I needed to know and the direction I needed to head with my web3 venture.

16.January 2024

I recently had a mentoring session with Jannik and it was an incredibly positive experience. Jannik provided insightful advice and practical strategies that were directly applicable to my situation, leaving me feeling motivated and well-guided. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to speak with him and am excited to implement the valuable insights gained from our discussion.

3.October 2023

The session was informative and genuine. The mentor was keen to listen and answer the doubts and queries accordingly.

13.September 2023

Jannik understands my position as a starting entrepreneur. He was able to answer my questions and alert me of pitfalls. His thoughts and advice did resonate a lot with me. We mostly talked about hiring and outsourcing and the challenges that come with that. Thank you Jannik!

7.September 2023

Great thanks Jannick for explaining your story of funding a startup! It was very interesting journey!

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