As a visionary entrepreneur and seasoned HR leader, I bring over a decade of rich experience across various dynamic sectors including hospitality, digital, and technology. My educational background includes a diploma in Hospitality Management, complemented by multiple HR certifications and accolades in talent management. At the helm of my own enterprise, I am deeply involved in conceptualizing, initiating, and nurturing business ventures from the ground up. My core passion lies in crafting and sustaining a clear strategic vision and mission for each venture. I am dedicated to establishing robust systems and protocols that not only ensure operational success but also foster long-term growth. A significant part of my role involves cultivating a positive organizational culture. I take pride in setting exemplary standards for employee conduct and embodying the values of my company during interactions with clients and stakeholders. My expertise extends to various facets of human resources and organizational development. This includes adeptness in business partnering, driving employee engagement, enhancing employer branding, and executing effective recruitment and talent acquisition strategies. I have successfully led and contributed to diverse HR functions and teams across multiple regions, ensuring equitable and efficient resolution of employee issues. My ultimate objective is always to unlock the potential in individuals, thereby create an UpGrowth for a better tomorrow.

My Mentoring Topics

  • - Career Path Planning
  • - People & Culture Skill Development
  • - Leadership and Management
  • - Strategic Thinking
  • - HR Industry Trends and Innovations
  • - Personal Branding
  • - Effective Communication

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