Jayashree  (Jay)

Jayashree (Jay)

Former Tech leader, Coach & Mentor (mid-level & transitioning Tech Managers & professionals), writer, photographer, creative. Boiledbeanstudio

I am a former tech leader turned leadership coach and mentor (specialising in mid-level & transitioning Tech Managers & professionals). I am also a writer, thinker, observer, photographer, and creative. I live in Berlin, Germany.

My educational background is in software engineering and I have nearly 15 years of corporate work experience in Technology. My work experience spans various roles in diverse cultures across quite a few cities of the world. This has given me deep experience and insights into how people work in different roles and in different settings. Because I transitioned from a tech job into creative freelancing, I also have years of rich creative experience in writing, editing and photography. My insights on work and life come from my varied experience. I am always learning and I love to share what I learn with others. My favourite way to learn is by teaching. I like helping and I try to do so in an empathetic, non-judgemental, non-authoritative manner.

If you think you'll benefit from my perspective and experience, do reach out. I'd be happy to share what I know.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Personal leadership
  • Leadership Coaching for mid-level, new & transitioning leaders/managers inTech workspaces (how to find and strengthen natural leadership style, empathy, and up managing skills)
  • Clear and empathetic communication in diverse workplaces
  • How to develop a clear and strong message and strong voice in writing and in life
  • How to overcome cultural conditioning and inhibitions and harness in diverse and global workplaces
  • How to avoid and manage burnout
  • How to write effective resumes and social profiles
7.February 2022

The session was more than helpful. Thank you for all the guidance that I have been looking for. Very insightful. Loved the way, she told me how important is it to break down my strengths and where to correctly place them on my resume. Also, how important is to have the right content with clarity. Looking forward to more sessions with her. Thank you for being so humble and patient in explaining everything.

4.August 2021

Yes, it was actually very helpful.

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