About me

I am a coach/mentor (mid-level & transitioning Tech Managers & professionals), writer, photographer, and creative, living in Berlin, Germany. My educational background is in software engineering and I have nearly 15 years of corporate work experience in Technology. I also have years of rich creative work experience in writing, editing and photography. I draw on my insights from both tech and creative worlds to help people identify and manage their workplace/personal challenges and grow into their own best versions.

Working with mid-level, new and transitioning leaders in Tech, coaching them in finding/strengthening their communication skills and empathy is of special interest to me. I strive to work with professionals in a judgement-free manner to help them identify and correct inconsistencies in self-expression(spoken as well as written) at workplace as well as in their social profiles.

I am also interested in studying, discovering and using cultural conditioning to my advantage and I believe there are many common grounds across cultures that can be harnessed to work smoothly and effectively with people of diverse backgrounds and dispositions.

If you think you'll benefit from my perspective and experience, do reach out. I'd be happy to share what I know.

Mentoring Topics

  • Coaching for mid-level, new & transitioning leaders/managers inTech workspaces in finding and strengthening empathetic communication and up-management skills.
  • Clear and empathetic peer communication in diverse workplaces
  • Personal leadership
  • Empathy with authenticity
  • Developing a strong voice in person and in writing
  • Overcoming cultural inhibitions towards better personal and professional growth
  • How to avoid/manage burnout
  • Effective content and resume writing
Country: Germany Timezone: Europe/Berlin

Reviews for Jayashree

4.August 2021

Yes, it was actually very helpful.