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Hello Everyone!

I'm Jency 'The Software Tester' and I investigate the line between Software and Testing for the past 8years. My love affair with 'Software Testing' began years ago. Starting from an 'ETL Test Engineer' to currently 'Senior QA Engineer' on the role of a passionate 'API Tester' at "Billennium IT Services (M) SDN. BHD.". I love to spend my time investigating the APIs and exploring the concepts and interesting facts in and around Software Testing. My BLOG "A Software Tester's Blog" (https://softwaretestingcafebyjency.blogspot.com/p/about-me.html) is a space all about a Tester's Tech Work-Life sharing.

And my thoughts on Mentoring is, it gives you the chance to see things very differently. Sharing your experiences may help you understand different people in a different light. A moment that barely made an impact on you may in fact provide crucial insight to another person hence it's worth sharing your experience and knowledge wherever you can, as you pass on your advice and experience, you will have a better idea of how well you are living your own life. So I'm here to share my experiences and lessons learned with you all.

I strongly believe that new perspectives lead to fresh ideas, and who knows where fresh ideas could lead you? So I'm happy to help you with my experience and lessons learnt.

Mentoring Topics

  • Software Testing
  • ETL Testing
  • API Testing
  • API Basics
  • POSTMAN Tool
  • ISTQB - CTFL Preparation Guidelines
  • How to crack Interviews?
  • Career guidance to budding Testers
  • Technical Presentations
  • Writing BLOG
  • Communication Skills
Country: Malaysia Timezone: Asia/Kuala_Lumpur

Reviews for Jency

1.December 2021

Yes, some great inputs were shared

29.November 2021

Dear Jency, Your session is an absolute eye-opener for me. I have got clear idea about my step on my career. Thanks for all the guidance and knowledge shared, I am so grateful to experience your mentoring.

1.November 2021

Jency Prince has explained all steps very clearly and showed the path to enter QA field and was having great knowledge.

27.October 2021

It was absolute pleasure talking to you. You listened to me so patiently. The guidance you provided is so much clear and to the point that now I can easily see the path ahead. And as our session went on, you made me so comfortable that I could share all my queries without a fear of being judged. And that's the true trait of any mentor. You're already doing great and keep it up. More power to you!!

Highly recommend her for the area of her expertise!

3.September 2021

Absolute Mindblowing session, very very very useful tips and the speech was like a talk to a small child and guiding a small child. Very easy to understand, simple but yet powerful speech in my mother tongue. Able to get the point what Jency says, even my mother was hearing your speech and said simply follow and act accordingly. My mother can easily understand the topic you say, such a simple speech, soo sweet of u sister.

1.September 2021

Hi Jency ,Your session was very insightful and useful to me. I am now feeling very motivated to pursue my career in the field of testing .

I would recommend you to mentor more people and you are doing a great job. All the best.Thanks for your time.

13.August 2021

Yes, it was. She was delightful and she jumped right into explaining to me what she does and how to move forward in becoming QA Tester