About me

Hi! I am Jess. Since July 2020 I am working at Zalando where I am leading a team of roughly 50 great engineers and product managers with the mission to provide a holistic style advice experience to our Zalando users. Prior to Zalando, I worked at omio (www.omio.com), a worldwide operating travel platform which has the vision to bring people from anywhere to anywhere in one click, all mobile. A vision tempting enough for me to join omio early last year. From March 2019 until June 2020 I was Product Director for the product team focusing on expansion and monetisation.

Until early 2019, I worked at ImmobilienScout24, a platform where agents list and consumers find apartments, houses or offices to rent or buy. Before I left the company for omio, I overlooked product and marketing for the biggest B2B tribe, being responsible for 70% of the business volume.

My passion lies in building products with high attach rates and beautiful design. A product is not done, when it’s live but when it delivers the desired outcome. To get there, we need to know what our customers want, what they do on our website and finally how we can hook them through seamless user interaction and serendipity.

Over the last five years as a manager for teams in organisations with 350+ colleagues, I developed a strong interest in culture and leadership. I am spending a big share of my time with the people in and around my teams to make sure I establish their playing field well. I see myself as enabler, supporter, sparring partner and strongest challenger for everyone in my team. Hence, I want to make sure everybody feels safe and valued so we can have honest discussions to find the best solution for our customers together.

Mentoring Topics

  • Anything Product!
  • Challenge product idea
  • Approach a user problem together
  • Sanity check any product idea
  • Product Strategy Methods
  • Product Strategy Sparring
  • Leadership in Product
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Team Culture
  • Collaboration with Engineering Teams & Leads
Country: Germany Timezone: Europe/Berlin

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