About me ✓ Jessica is a certified mentor

Hi! I am Jess. I am one of the founders of the Mentoring Club, a mission close to my heart as I believe that everyone has something to share that someone else is in need to know. While I was able to focus fully on The Mentoring Club during the beginning of the C19 pandemic, since July 2020 I am working at Zalando. Currently, I am the product director for Zalando's Beauty & Care proposition. I am running a team of product managers united by the mission to provide a tailored customer experience for Beauty & Care purchases. Prior to Zalando, I worked at omio, a worldwide operating travel platform which has the vision to bring people from anywhere to anywhere. My passion lies in building products with high customer value and beautiful design. For me, a product is not done, when it’s live but when it delivers the desired outcome. Over the last five years as a manager for teams in organisations with 350+ colleagues, I developed a strong interest in culture and leadership. I am spending a big share of my time with the people in and around my teams to make sure I establish their playing field well. I see myself as enabler, supporter, sparring partner and strongest challenger for everyone in my team. Hence, I want to make sure everybody feels safe and valued so we can have honest discussions to find the best solution for our customers together.

Mentoring Topics

  • Anything Product!
  • Challenge product idea
  • Approach a customer problem together
  • Product Strategy
  • Leadership
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Team Culture
  • Collaboration with Engineering Teams & Leads
Country: Germany Timezone: Europe/Madrid