About me ✓ Joaquín is a certified mentor

My name is Joaquín González and I am a technology executive based in Berlin. Throughout my career I have worked in multiple positions at the intersection between business and software engineering, accelerating and amplifying customers' ability to innovate. I have over a decade of experience leading complex international agile / digital transformation programs and building highly scalable application architectures. I hold a double degree in Telecommunications Engineering and Computer Science from the Universidad Politécnica San Pablo CEU in Madrid and developed my Master Thesis at the Freie Universität (FU) Berlin. In 2017/2019 I completed an Executive MBA program at the European School of Management and Technology (ESMT) based in Berlin.

Prior to joining Amazon Web Services, I worked for over a decade as technology consultant at Accenture in various leadership roles serving clients across various industries, including financial services, public sector, and technology. As Talent Acquisition Lead in the DACH region, I was additionally responsible for the go-to market recruiting, employer branding and talent retention strategy in the German-speaking geography for the largest Accenture Technology business unit.

I am fascinated about the transformational power that technology offers to empower organizations, increase business agility, and unlock value creation. Leading people is means that you have a responsibility towards their professional development. One of the parts I love about my job is how I can create organizational structures and a culture of openness in which people can flourish. I have been described by my colleagues as someone who is genuine, deeply cares about others and with a highly empathetic leadership.

Born in Spain, I moved to Germany 11 years ago and have lived since 2016 in the vibrant and ever-changing German capital city. On a personal note, in my spare time I deeply enjoy discovering the world, meeting different cultures and learning new languages as a passionate globetrotter. I am an avid reader, proud father of a beautiful daughter, and love practicing sports and activities that push me out of my comfort zone.

I love the act of mentoring, helping others with my experience, acting as a sparring partner to find their purpose and make sound decisions through meaningful conversations. I approach coaching as a dialogue, a two-way street in which active listening, making a genuine effort to truly understand the context and needs of the person, are key and the basis for a fruitful mentoring relationship. If that mentoring approach resonates with you and you are interested in one of the topics below listed feel free to book a mentoring slot. I speak English, German and Spanish so we can have our sessions in whichever language you prefer. Looking forward to talking to you!

Mentoring Topics

  • Agile/Lean Methodologies & Delivery (Scrum, SaFe, Kanban)
  • Technology - Tech Strategy, Custom Software Engineering, Journey to the Cloud.
  • Managing teams – Offshore and geographically distributed teams, cultural awareness, effective delegation, performance management and introduction of OKRs.
  • Work-life balance – How to manage priorities, time management, finding your true north.
  • Genuine leadership - Discovering your strengths and unique traits and use them to lead.
  • Talent Acquisition – Go-to-market strategy, data-driven recruiting, sourcing, talent development and onboarding, candidate journey.
  • Effective communication, Stakeholder Management, Change Management, Conflict Management.


Software Engineering

Reviews for Joaquín

29.August 2021

I have had a couple of meetings with Joaquín so far and every minute was absolutely worth it!

Joaquín is someone with a lot of experience in the industry and has exceptional people management skills. He has been a great help so far for me as I am thinking on transitioning to an Engineering Lead position. Joaquín is able to listen to your challenges and give remarkably great amount of information on how to deal with specific situations. I am really looking forward to having more sessions as I am progressing in my career.

3.August 2021

Appreciate you making the time Joaquin, the session was extremely helpful in obtaining the level of detail I required for my transition from traditional IT to a more cloud based technology environment. Not only that but your insight into career path and requirement to plan and realise, was a very good reminder on how to get to where I would like to be.