About me

Hi, my name is Jonas.

I work as Tech Lead for Spar ICS. We develop the Hervis Online Shop for different countries.

While studying Business and Information Systems in Magdeburg I decided to go my way in software engineering and I really love it. Because I had some great mentors in my life, I would love to give something back. I believe that active and continuous personal growth is a key factor for a happy and successful life.

I work in professional IT since 2014.

Next to my great family, I love to read books and listen to blinks about software development, personal development, leadership, new work and growth mindset.

What you can expect:

- new inputs

- other perspectives

- experiences and advice to make next steps

Lets get in touch, I am looking forward to it!

Mentoring Topics

  • Software Development
  • Remote Work/New Work
  • Digital Leadership
  • Mindset/ Personal Development
Country: Austria Timezone: Europe/Vienna

Reviews for Jonas

4.November 2021

In the session I felt a lot of positivity and ambition. It's nice that someone talks to you about big goals and you only hear encouragement and see a smile, no matter how big the challenges are.

Definitely, you are a person who helps me to grow and see that everything I set out to do, no matter how difficult it may seem, can be done with organization and a plan.

I have only come out more positive and thinking that any "but" that blocked my mind, is just more desire and effort to put into my goals.