Josef Starychfojtu

Josef Starychfojtu ✓ certified mentor

✓ certified mentor
Head of Backend Engineering Mews

Hey! My name is Josef and I am currently leading 10 platform teams as VP of Platform Engineering at Mews, a global startup in hospitality tech. I am a passionate engineering leader with a focus on people, learning, and continuous improvement. Previously passionate functional programmer.

If you have either leadership or technical problems, we are gonna have a great chat and I am looking forward to that!

My Mentoring Topics

  • Engineering Leadership
  • People management
  • Software engineering
  • Infrastructure
  • Architecture
  • Cloud
  • Azure
  • Platform teams management
  • Functional programming
  • Platform product managment
21.October 2021

The session with Josef was beneficial and insightful. He made some suggestions that I aim to put into action in order to improve my chances of landing a position.

He's really easy to talk with, which made our conversation enjoyable. My advice is to keep doing what you're doing.

5.August 2021

Had a good discussion with Josef. Has quite a bit of knowledge when it comes to cloud native infra and apps (Azure related). He was able to share a perspective as a customer in terms of how he would evaluate consultants. Besides this he also shared some best practises around how they architect and manage their environments.

Overall,, i definitely learnt a few things from him. Hopefully my inputs were useful too for Josef

11.June 2021

Josef provided very good insight during our session.

He was able to identify problems which I were not aware of, and suggested ways I could overcome those problems. He was also eager to point out things which would help me in my learning journey. Most importantly, he did his best to instill confidence within myself.

I would definitely recommend Josef to anyone having difficulties finding their way around a difficult project. He has extensive knowledge and experience, not only in backend development, but software engineering in general.

10.June 2021

yeah it was super helpful. Got to learn about the pros and cons of pitching a product directly vs working as a consultant. I liked the story telling way of delivering suggestions. It helped grasp the ideas better.

9.June 2021

Yes, I liked the resources.

I think it would be better if you make the mentoring long-term (weekly) and share technical advices.

Ik that you are C# engineer and Im fairly sure that you are so busy but we really need great tech people like you to mentor us technically.

Again, Thanks for your advices and help.

Very appreciated.