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I am a transformation coach with a boutique Spanish consultancy. In this capacity, I have found an inspiring purpose in helping others grow and transform themselves by developing skills like interpersonal communication, leadership, and feedback. I am passionate about the concept of continuous improvement and learning, and how this marvelous process can transform every human being. I am captivated by the techniques that can be used to help people "learn to learn." I am also passionate about helping organizations transform themselves. Both concepts are intimately associated, and as I grew in experience I gradually came to realize that the transformation of organizations is in reality a transformation of individuals. As Carl Young proposes, "In the last analysis, the essential thing is the life of the individual. This alone makes history, here alone do the great transformations take place."

Mentoring Topics

  • Behavioural Science | Organizational Transformation | Change Management |
Country: Mexico Timezone: America/Mexico_City

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