About me ✓ Juana Catalina is a certified mentor

Juana Catalina has worked for the last two decades in different industries providing her expertise including fast-moving Consumer Goods, Financial Services, Cloud Storage services, Mobile Services, Digital Identities, and Digital Transformation of businesses across Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, and North America. She is a serial intrapreneur and entrepreneur.

Strategy, Innovation & Marketing have been the strong suits of Juana Catalina, creating value and developing new offers along the way in the industries she has been associated with. She helps startups, intrapreneurs and other innovators to design their strategy, develop disruptive business models and accelerate their development.

She holds a Bachelor in Engineering, M.S in Marketing, MBA and has a corporate innovation certificate from Stanford’s LEAD program.

Mentoring Topics

  • Review and design your business model
  • Frame your ideas into a real-world scenario
  • Clarify customer value proposition
  • Go to market
  • Validate your strategy and create focus on activities to move ahead
  • Identify new opportunities and revenue streams
  • Growth Strategy
  • Executive pitch
  • Circular economy
Timezone: Europe/Paris