// Mixpanel implementation The Mentoring Club - Julia Rei

I am here to help you in 3 areas:

Interview preparation, presentation/ exam preparation and overcoming learning barriers.

1) Do you have a job interview coming up, are you afraid of it or don't know what to say? Then I will be happy to help you prepare. Both in terms of content and as a "sparring partner" in a role play. In the process, you will notice all by yourself how you gradually lose your fear of the interview situation, how the answers come out of you more and more easily and how, in the end, you can even lead the conversation and feel comfortable.

2) Of course, I can also help you prepare for oral exams or presentations.

3) You have a learning barrier and want to overcome it, but don't know how. I'm happy to help you with this by working with you to analyze your current learning behaviors and show you possibilities or options that you haven't considered before.

What enables me to help you in these areas?

For one thing, I do possess common sense in addition to analytical skills.

Furthermore, I studied German language and literature, linguistics and pedagogy and worked as a teacher for German as a foreign language.

In my teaching career I had to prepare many of my students for oral exams and presentations. Most of them didn't have the problem with the content, but rather with the situation they had to face. And let's be honest, job interviews aren't much different than exams, except that it's all about your resume and job knowledge.

I can identify, analyze, and then fix problems in communication.

In addition, I know many different ways of acquiring knowledge and together we are able to find new and better working ones for you.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Interview preparation
  • Sparring Partner
  • Presentation preparation
  • Lose fear of presentations
  • Lose fear of oral exams
  • Overcome learning barrier
  • Find other ways of learning
8.June 2022

Our session with Julia was very helpful and enjoyable. She made me realize how I'm sound like in the interviews. We made a Q&A session for the most challenging interview questions. We reviewed my answers and argued about how to improve them and how to improve my mindset and attitude. If you are struggling with the job interviews, I recommend you have a session with Julia.

I also strongly recommend getting prepared before the session for challenging interview questions such as "what are your top 3 strengths or top 3 weaknesses", and in general, "WHY do you want to do the thing that you want to do?"

I thank you again for the session.