I love to learn from others and share my experiences. Professionally, I am a People and Technical Leader who has been involved in Software development of various types. I am into Leadership and love building teams, processes and culture.

My mentorship view is shared in an article written by me:


A bit about my professional journey

Started working in 2005 as a Software Engineer

I have built software for different clients and in different domains.

I have experience/exposure in web, mobile, backend, and Voice development.

I have worked in different countries including Germany, France, Italy, the United States, India, the UK and Australia

I have worked for both Product and Services Companies

I believe in certifications and have achieved a few on different technologies

I have co-authored a book on MongoDB

I am a top 1% contributor on Stackoverflow.com

I still don't know much and need to learn a lot

My Mentoring Topics

  • A few areas where I can be of help
  • Career Guidance
  • Profile marketing
  • People Management
  • Setting teams for success
  • Manage work and stakeholders
  • Technical discussions
  • Writing tips

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