About me

11 years of experience in crafting software products backed by highly scalable, reliable and fault tolerant distributed systems written in Java/Scala built on top of Kafka, Cassandra, Spark, MySql and Postgres. Extensive experience in interviewing Senior Engineers. Helped many individuals achieve their goals by mentoring them.

Mentoring Topics

  • Software Engineering
  • Career Development
  • Tech interviewing
  • Productivity
Country: Germany Timezone: Europe/Berlin

Reviews for Kaivalya

16.November 2021

I had connected with Kaivalya to discuss how could one improve their speed as a programmer and what were some of his learnings thus far along the way towards being a better programmer. I got some insightful inputs from him as part of this discussion and in particular the things that stood out to me the most from that discussion were how we laid emphasis on doing things in small chunks and how much he valued focus even if that would involve a 20 minute session with a 10 min break. This specifically was an interesting perspective for me because usually as a programmer even though I've done pomodoros in the past, I usually did them in 25 min sessions and 5 mins breaks and not the 20-10 way of doing things in a pomodoro session - so it definitely was good food for thought for me to experiment with. Other than that some key takeaways for me from this session which served not only as a good reminder for me but also built more confidence in me that I was doing the right thing was when he also laid emphasis on keeping things simple, having planning as a separate step, reflecting on a regular basis to see where else one can improve, trying to look for patterns where things can be improved upon. A few other things that I also appreciate from the session was him mentioning

- Apply TDD to bigger problems and as and when required and not necessarily to everything

- To ask oneself, how would somebody else in the team solve the same problem and having that learning mindset and curiosity can also help one improve their speed as a programmer.

2.October 2021

It was VERY helpful. Thank you, Kaivalya! I learned a lot about the junior software engineer job search: what companies to target, what questions to expect, what process to use in order to tackle coding challenges, etc. Now, I will for sure try to apply for those jobs and get a position where I can learn and grow on daily basis!