About me ✓ Karthik Selvam is a certified mentor

Greetings, I am Karthik Selvam S D. I am an Aerospace Engineer with strong Research, Presentation and Analytical skills demonstrated by 5+ years experience in the Aerospace Industry. I am a Master's graduate in Aerospace Structures & Composites from McGill - Concordia joint Aerospace program in Canada. I am currently working as a Structures Engineer in the Aircraft Certification Engineering (ACE) Department at FLYHT Aerospace.

I have demonstrated research experience from India and Canada, Few of my research projects include,

Developing a low-cost novel subsonic Ramjet engine design using CFD, Fabricating the engine setup and Testing it with an alternate biofuel, Designing and Developing a natural composite plate using coconut Fibre and natural resin, Various graduate level projects involving stress analysis and vibrational analysis of composite structures.

My long term goal is to develop a Research organisation that could provide innovative solutions to improve and economize Aircraft Structures & Gas Turbines.

Apart from being an Aerospace Engineer and doing awesome stuff. I started volunteering from November 2015. I had started applying for my Master's in Canada in the month of June 2015, By September I was already aware of the complete application process by researching through websites and reaching out to professors and students in Canada. Few of my college juniors came to know that, I had applied for Canadian Universities and they got in contact with me to have a evaluation on their profile so that I could suggest/classify universities for them. I started doing this for some 5 to 10 people, after initial calls with them they all had some similar questions so I create a WhatsApp group and added all 10 to respond to their questions. The WhatsApp group reached its limit in 4 days and then I had to create 2 more groups to fit in others. Then in the month of January 2016 I had received admits from all the 4 universities that I had applied for my Master's and the group count went to 5 already. It was difficult to answer same question again and again that's when I founded this group Master's in Canada - Students Association (MEng / MASc / PhD / PGD).

Now the group has 11k members in it and I would happily say I should have helped more than 7k people in the past 5 years.

I am always passionate about research and developing new stuff in science. My research project that I did during my bachelor's thesis is my best work till date and seeing that my undergrad professors pass on my contact info to every final year student who is trying to do something innovative. I have been guiding a lot of students in their final year and have also collaborated with few to help them to achieve in their research work.

Mentoring Topics

  • Helping Students to apply for Higher Education in Canada,
  • Evaluating SOP and CV for Master's Application,
  • Mentoring New Grads to get in to the Industry
  • Suggesting New Grads from Aerospace, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering to align their skill development according to the industry requirement and their area of interest
  • Helping in Skill development
  • Guiding Students pursuing Master's in Engineering branches.
  • Guiding Students interested in Research.
Country: Canada Timezone: America/Edmonton

Reviews for Karthik Selvam

10.October 2020

1, importance of job experience

2, practical difficulty of finding job

3, master's application process

10.October 2020

1. Application process

2. Current job opportunity

3. Internship details

19.September 2020

That I should not lose hope

There are ways to handle a tough situation

That God always sends someone when u feel the most vulnerable and lost :)

19.September 2020

Ground Truth, Different types of programs and Overall knowledge about various provinces.

30.August 2020

Shortlisting Universities ; Help on writing CV and SOP

29.August 2020

Regarding admission process

Regarding thesis program

Regarding admission requirements

29.August 2020

How to apply for thesis program

How to get a supervisor approval

On and all everything about Canada.

Never seen such a mentor like him. Karthik Anna has known everything about Canada and definitely has a good heart for helping others.

23.August 2020

1.about selecting courses and colleges

2.oppurtunities of jobs related toy field.

3. Clear path for abroad study and settlement.

22.August 2020

1. Got to know about karthik's experience and how that will help me in my future.

2. The mentor (Karthik) is a extremely helpful and positive person.

3. Got insights about aerospace industry, its requirements and how I should prepare myself.

22.August 2020

University admission, course difficulty and aerospace jobs