About me ✓ Kate is a certified mentor

❓How to find meaningful work? ...that also pays well

❓What's at the intersection of my passion and skills? ...and the world actually needs

❓How to rise above my current career level and see what's beyond the horizon?...without losing solid ground

❓How to raise a happy family? ...and keep my career, sanity, and fitness level as well

These questions have been on my mind for 17+ years since I entered the workforce. I don't promise I'll give you answers. What I can give you is my perspective and space for you to find your own answers.

👉Who am I?

My career took me places: Web designer, Developer, (Technical) Product owner, Project manager, Team lead, Content creator, Freedom coach.

In 2016 I set a goal to become financially independent in 5 years. To keep my eyes on the goal I started a blog. Writing helped me realize it's not only the financial freedom that I'm after.

My goal transformed into: create a "life I don't need a vacation from" including work that I'm enthusiastic to jump out of bed for. That's a whole other game.

In 2020 I became a mother and I had to level up once more. BIG time.

👉What's next?

Get in touch if you're overwhelmed, in the middle of a transition, with lots of clouds in your head, but you know the sun is shining somewhere there behind the clouds.

I offer my perspective and space for you to explore what you really want and what your next step is.

Mentoring Topics

  • Career orientation & development
  • Personal and financial freedom
  • Clarity on what you want and how to get there
  • Creativity and authenticity
  • Public speaking
  • Coaching
  • Sabbatical
Country: Germany Timezone: Europe/Berlin

Reviews for Kate

5.October 2021

I found what I expected from Kate in the session. Kate shared a lot with me about her insights into her career and life. Doing things out of love, not fear, and the balance point in your life is something dynamic not fixed, and many other meaningful thoughts, all are important to me at this stage of my life. It is also a very heart-warming moment to meet with a person who can truly understand you and your current situation. All my best wishes to Kate and her family.

23.August 2021

The session with Katerina was very helpful. Katerina is an amazing listener and answered my questions from multiple perspectives.

19.August 2021

Very helpful, thank you so much for helping me getting a bit out of my own head. Very relaxing and constructive session.

8.June 2021

I didn't know what to expect and didn't have any specific questions prepared, just thought it would be nice to get some insights from the real Product Manager.

Katerina gave me some confidence, proving that I am doing right and just need to follow the strategy I have.

Thank you very much!

14.April 2021

I really liked our session.

In the beginning I was a bit unsure how it will work and I know that I am a very impatient person what brings me to talk over to much sometimes.

You asked the right questions which kept me thinking and writing down afterwards what my next steps will be. Thank you also for sharing your experience and your view as well as your message afterwards.

6.March 2021

1. As a creative person I've learned how to handle my fear when I want to show up myself and my works online.

2. Kate made me to realize the simple way to start my creative path online by sharing her own experience and yet it was very reflective and inspiring.

3. As a person who has many ideas and goals in life, Kate made me to realize that I need to prioritize and start an action.

24.February 2021

1- don't care too much

2- don't wait for compliments, just celebrate yourself your successes

3- there are some caring communities online that i really want to experience as the mentoring club, that is super interesting

28.January 2021

1.invest into networking to find a job;

2.build the rapport with interviewer during the conversation, don't show only professional skills;

3. behave relaxed and natural, admit your weaknesses and show your willingness to study and develop

19.January 2021

1. Defining success: what´s important and how to make it work

2. How to choose among several career options

3. How to assess the price of decision

10.November 2020

Finding life goals