Hello, I'm Kay Niehaus and I've been working in trading for 35 years. In consumer goods, the sports and fashion industry, both with brands such as Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and PUMA, as well as with shopping mall operators such as Value Retail. Finally I built my own company. I have always been a member of the management team, responsible for up to EUR 700 million and teams with up to 150 employees. My focus is always on the people, the team spirit, the visions and the shared successes. For me it's about the topic of brand, which only lives when the people behind it belong to the brand, strengthen it and take it further. This results in brand stability and brand value. All of this together makes work worth living, increases mental health and motivates people. Structures are important, necessary to develop a company, but it is also important to promote talent. I've never cared about titles. A real team doesn't need that. Decisions are made as a team and one person presents them. Do you want to know why I am suitable as a mentor? I always see situations, whether in a professional or private context, as an opportunity to create something. To get further. I see talent in many people who are not 'bright' because many people are trapped in strange norms and adapt. I have always succeeded in letting people come out of themselves. Most of the time this opens so many doors and ideas. I have always worked internationally. With up to 69 countries and many cultures, large and small teams. I enjoy this work and can pass on my experiences. I think I'm a good mentor.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Company Structure
  • Business Development
  • People Development
  • Leadership Building
  • Brand Building
  • Brand role-out
  • Focus and building strength for business and people

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