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Hi there, what a pleasure to meet you. My name is Ken and I'm a strong technical leader and software architect with over 15+ years in software engineering. I'm very passionate about building large scale distributed systems and specialized in building high performing engineering teams. Feel free to book a session with me to discuss Engineering best practice, Software Architecture & Solution, Engineering Culture, Career Development, People & Team Leadership, OKR & Goal Setting, Manage Hyper Growth and Startups.

Mentoring Topics

  • Collaboration between Product & Engineering,
  • Product Strategy,
  • Engineering organization & team setup,
  • Engineering Best Practice,
  • Software Architecture & Solution,
  • Engineering Culture,
  • Career Development,
  • People & Team Leadership,
  • OKR & Goal Setting,
  • Manage Hyper Growth,
  • Startups


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Country: Germany Timezone: Europe/Berlin

Reviews for Ken

16.December 2021

The meeting with Ken was awesome. He took the time to understand the challenges I face and gave me so many good advices. It was a pleasure to talk to him. Thanks a lot!

18.November 2021

I had a really insightful session with Ken. He was very friendly and keen to share his experiences and advices with me. I was able to ask all the questions I had and Ken was able to answer all of them and give me some actionable takeaways.

I really appreciate Ken taking his time to have a chat with me.

4.November 2021

Our session was very helpful. This is the first conversation I've had that's helped me understand what I should be striving for as a tech lead at a high level. In the past, I've gotten advice that was very tactical, with tips and tricks for running 1-on-1's, larger meetings and so forth.

I think there were a few key pieces of advice that I got out of this meeting. First, was to stay hands-on in projects and continue honing my IC skills. The second was assessing upcoming projects and their relation to business goals. The third was working effectively with other engineers, and providing guidance through best practices and processes for problems I know well and can delegate to others.

As far as action goes, I think I can start making progress towards these goals through the following:

- Using the Dropbox Career Framework to identify how I'm doing in my IC work, and grow in areas I'm weak in.

- Writing notes on how we've historically built & scaled products at Brigit, and asking product / eng leadership how they made certain decisions.

- Getting up to speed with the business metrics & KPIs that Membership values, and analyzing how upcoming initiatives would affect those numbers.

- Define and teach best practices whenever applicable.

- Learning about processes for better eng collaboration. This might not be applicable at first since I'm working with a smaller team, but would be great as the team grows.

- Read Managing Humans / The Manager's Path / No Rules Rules

This has been an invaluable experience for me. I really appreciate how you chose to explain what a tech lead should do holistically instead of diving into tactical execution. I think it's given me a framework of areas/topics I should be assessing. Besides that, I look forward to our next session!

25.August 2021

Ken is one of the best mentors I have ever come across in my entire professional career. He doesn't get too technical in the sessions but his sessions will give you a lot of motivation and a clear path to achieve what you need. His communication skills along with his industry experience are top-notch. I am really looking forward to working with managers like Ken or I wish I meet someone like him as a colleague in the future.

9.July 2021

The session with Ken was very inspiring and I loved his maieutic approach: addressing the right questions, rather than proposing any solution, providing tools to challenge the setup, rather than coming up with a recipe. We had a very interesting conversation and I would love to exchange ideas and thoughts further! An enlightened and enlightening mentor: I can only recommend him !

Thanks a lot for your time Ken!Much appreciated!

4.November 2020

How to highlight in my CV the points that recruiters/hiring managers want to see. Great insights into the hiring process and how to answer questions in interviews. Hints on how to tell the right story

29.October 2020

1) As part of engineering, define what is done/ready.

2) Mix up the companies you have worked at to see how different companies do things.

3) Coming late to work is not part of culture, it is part of behaviour. Ownership, sharing, shooting high/ambitious, owning/trust something to the end -> these are mindset/culture.

26.October 2020