Kirsten is a force in the startup scene and well known for strategy building and new business development. These words are much more than buzzwords to her: she advises founders and investors on building and scaling companies and strongly believes in the need to align it with your very personal long-term goals to overcome any challenges along the way. Typical questions: What are investors looking for in your business model? How can we drive sales? What’s the one thing we need to change in the culture. Why is the customer experience of Amazon beyond any other retailer? What trends should you keep in mind going forward? Over the last twelve years Kirsten has successfully built and advised leading corporates to build new ventures or/and acquire startups - from the initial ideation, to business modeling and roll-out. She was the SVP Strategy & Business Development of the 4BN MDAX company P7S1 Media SE and has now moved on the built and lead the success D2C skincare startup nkm. Before that, she built the back-then newly formed digital practice for the global strategy consulting company Oliver Wyman from scratch.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Review and pivot your business model
  • Take your customer experience to the next level
  • Identify new revenue streams
  • Be ready for startup investors
  • Females: Crush the glass ceiling
  • Happy to support you on your journey!

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