About me

Would you want to be coached to achieve your ideal life, ideal results, ideal relationship by someone who is empathic, insightful and accomplished?

Kitti is an accomplished consultant and coach with a reputation of being able to coach highly successful leaders into achieving even greater heights. In her consulting business, she has worked with the senior management of multi-national organisations such as Marriott Group, CapitaLand; and supported in leading their teams in achieving higher levels of performance. She brings this experience to her coaching clients, so that they too are able to break past their limits and create their ideal life.

She is passionate about giving back and has supported organisations such as Rotary Club, Sao Sary Foundation Cambodia, and UNHCR in developing and empowering youths and refugees to break out of the poverty cycle. To date, she has trained more than 2000 youths to become leaders and entrepreneurs in their own communities. One of the refugees whos’ life she touched is Hasan Al-Akra, who broke out of his shell to become an influential refugee rights activist.

Kitti possesses a unique balance of a driven, ‘whatever it takes’ attitude and skilful tactfulness with a healthy dose of shared fun and vision. She consistently leverages on these strengths to add value to the people and companies that she has coached and worked with.

Mentoring Topics

  • Coaching (Life, Work, Business)
  • Career
  • Talent Development
  • Business Consulting
  • Self Discovery
  • Peak Performance
  • Self Belief & Confidence
  • Leadership


English - English

Country: Malaysia Timezone: Asia/Kuala_Lumpur

Reviews for Kitti

23.July 2021

Kitti was very helpful with her suggestions. She took time to understand the problem I was facing, and then suggested some very practical methods to solve them. At the end of the session itself most of the doubts were solved. Highly recommend her!

15.July 2021

Very helpful, opens up a new way of thinking to my mind.