I am a mentor,Aquaculture Technician and Entrepreneur with a solid training in Aquaculture by the University of Malaysia Sarawak.Got a decent practical Industrial Fish production training at the AQUAREIGN INDUSTRY Fish Production Center.Also Certified as a digital marketer by Google. Winner of the People’s Choice Award for the adult Categories during the Citizen Entrepreneurship Campus training and competition 2021.Holder of two American English TESOL certifications (ENGLISH FOR BUSINESS and Entrepreneurship, TESOL METHODOLOGY), Holder of seven Certificates from online courses on the YALI NETWORK.I also have an ALISON Diploma in Business Management and Entrepreneurship. I am always ready to learn.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Professional Networking and LinkedIn
  • Working in a Global Environment
  • Creating a Career Plan
  • Professional Skills Development
  • Building a Professional Resume or CV
  • Job Search Match
  • Prepare for a Job Interview
  • How to distinguish yourself in the workplace
  • How companies evaluate their employees
  • Continuing Professional Development

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