If you’re in a place in life where you’re unhappy, if you feel that you’re only scratching the surface of true potential or maybe even if you are lost and you have got no idea what to do, you’ve come to the right place. It’s tricky at first to get the ball rolling and gain the momentum but with the right guidance and nurturing, it’s just a matter of time. If you put in your time, energy and effort, you might soon understand what you're meant to do in this life and then… the real fun begins!

I consider myself a guy with a big heart, a guide and mentor to these who seek, a traveller and one hell of a truth & thrill seeker. I have tried to suppress my potential and hunger for life for over 25 years. I failed at that. Being mediocre and full of fear wasn’t my thing. I embraced it, started reorganizing myself, and decided to begin befriending my fears that held me hostage. I knew that I needed to uncover a solution of tapping into my potential and I went right into it, just to name a few, I:

- travelled over 25 countries across 4 continents;

- trained Muay Thai in Thailand to get over my fear of standing up to people;

- set a Guinness World Record at arranging a deck of playing cards memorized underwater on a single breath of oxygen to get my memory to work again and calm my fear of diving;

- endured a 12 hour physical “crucible” led by Navy Seals (Sealfit 20X) in Temecula, CA to push beyond my physical and mental limits to see what I'm capable of.

Over my 10 years of professional experience of working in organizations on projects, products and change management, within teams from 5 to 120 people, I have realized that entrepreneurship and working with people is my call.

I also find important to mention that for the past 8 years I'd been working with different mentors, coaches and therapists (conventional and non-conventional streams) that helped me get to the depths of myself thus I'm now equipped to help others do it. Kinda "I"ve been there, I"ve done that".


- 2010 Headhunting internship, 5 months, Erasmus LLP, Budapest, Hungary

- 2009 - 2010 Studying abroad - 1 year - VIA UC, Erasmus LLP, Horsens, Denmark

- 2014 - 3 months challenge #1 - learning Spanish and staying a week in Valencia at a language school, Spain

- 2014 - 3 months challenge #2 - building up strength and endurance to do 10 pull ups in a row (for the first time in life!)

- 2014 - 3 months challenge #3 - producing a dance choreography clip to a favourite song, training with a professional choreographer

- 2014 - 3 months challenge #4 - participating in UK Open Memory Championship link

- 2015 - 9 months challenge #5 - going on a 6 weeks long motorcycle trip across 15 European countries

- 2015 - 3 months challenge #6 - competing in amateur car riding league, winning 1 silver cup

- 2016 - 1 month challenge #7 - training Muay Thai, Thailand

- 2016 - 10 months challenge #8 - building a coaching business and authoring a coaching programme "OGAR system"

- 2016 - 3 months challenge #9 - building a memory training course under Kuich Mind Academy

- 2016 - life achievement: setting up a weekly mastermind group "OGAR", running to this day

- 2016 - 1 month challenge #10: launching a crowdfunding campaign at Polak Potrafi and achieving a set financial goal

- 2016 - 3 months challenge #11: setting a Guinness World record at the fastest time to arrange a deck of playing cards memorized underwater (video)

- 2017 - 1 month challenge #12: casting in a live show the Brain, where I had to memorize 4 digit pin codes to 10 safes (watched by over 4 mln people)

- 2019 - 20 months goal: participating in SealFit 20X (Navy Seals physical crucible for civilians), Temecula, CA, USA

- 2019 - trekking achievement: completing Orla Perć (Eagle's) trail, considered the most difficult trail in Tatra Polish mountains, PL

- 2019 - travel: 2 weeks motorcycle Eurotrip #2 across eastern Europe: LT, LV

- 2019 - travel: 2 weeks motorcycle Eurotrip #3 across western Europe: CZ, AT, CH, IT, DE

- 2019 - public speaking achievement: giving a corporate speech at Xerox to 100 people

- 2019 - passion achievement: completing paragliding training (>20 short flights)

- 2021 - travel: motorcycle Eurotrip #3 across eastern Europe + kitesurfing: LT, LV

- 2021 - passion achievement: becoming an independent kitesurfer, PL, LT, EGP

- 2021 Q4 - entrepreneurship: building a new business: applied art desks @ kuichdesign


- 10.2021 till now

Founder and designer at Kuich Design; designing and creating artistic desks;

- 10.2021 till now

IT Consulting freelance; coaching teams / managers/ business owners in topics related to: product delivery, change management, optimisations, leadership, influence, Agile ways of working

- 03.2020 - 09.2021

Agile Coach and Operations Manager; Ten Square Games (game development); responsible for setting up operationally a new game dev studio, co-building a team (20+ people) with a business partner, actively influencing a feedback culture;

- 09.2018 - 09.2019

Agile Transformation Lead; implementation of Agile Scrum on 2 key products; implementation of OKRs (Google inspired organisational goal management system; ran Agile workshops for 200+ employees; ran OKR workshops for 70+ employees;

- 04.2018 - 08.2018

Scrum Master at Orange Polska; working within a 100+ people product;

- 03.2017 - 02.2018

Scrum Master at bPolNet; implementation of Agile ways of working within a software house and its clients;

- 03.2016 - 02.2017

Founder and author at OGAR system; created a coaching system called OGAR system and coached clients on achieving their dreams through goal setting;

- 08.2013 - 12.2015

IT Project Manager at CH Robinson (US transport corporation); Warsaw, Gliwice, Amsterdam;

- 07.2012 - 07.2013

Account Manager at CH Robinson (US transport corporation); Warsaw;

- 05.2012 - 08.2013

Founder and Kickass; working on a e-gaming coaching business where pros were meant to coach amateurs;

- 02.2011 - 09.2011

Headhunter's assistant; Budapest, Hungary;


since 2013: mountain trekking

since 2014: motorcycling

since 2014: scuba diving, PADI certified

since 2018: bush crafting

since 2019: paragliding

since 2019: longboarding

since 2019: Reiki energy practitioning

since 2021: snowboarding

since 2021: kitesurfing


Polish - native,

English - fluent.


- Radio Kampus interview (PL), 2016

- Dziennik Bałtycki article (PL), 2016

- Puls Biznesu article, (PL),2016

- Jak Łączyć Kropki blog interview, (PL),2016

- NaszeMiasto article, (PL), 2016

- Ekstra Magazyn article, (PL),2016

- TV TTM interview, (PL),2016

- podcast LepiejTeraz.pl, OGAR system, (PL), 2017

- podcast Lepiej Teraz.pl, Kuich Mind Academy, (PL), 2017

- TheBrain TV show, Polsat TV, 2017

My Mentoring Topics

  • 1) Uncover your true potential. Being happy, fearless and take the most out of life!
  • - I will help you take a deep dive into yourself where we will slowly and gently understand and unlock your potential (understanding fears, motivations, likes, dislikes, talents and more);
  • - I will help you (re)build a connection with yourself and your intuition; the true voice that helps us live really understand what we’re are meant to do in this life;
  • - I will help you break out of your comfort zone and expand your talents by setting short and mid term goals; goals set in alignment with self are an amazing journey themselves, such a character builders, so worth it!!!
  • 2) Being a leader
  • - being a manager and wanting to be a leader, understand people better, communicate better, understand how to set an example and standards, how to set expectations and verify results;
  • 3) Project management
  • - how to prepare a project, scope, budget, recruit people and deliver it;
  • 4) Agile philosophy implementation and Scrum frameworks
  • - how to introduce Agile to the company/ team; how to get things done as a team incrementally and keep shipping products while staying in close touch with the clients;
  • - how to scale teams, how to communicate at scale;
8.August 2022

This mentor was amazing. His advice was very helpful and he made me see myself through a different lens. I appreciate his time and dedication to helping me grow as an individual. I am so glad he stepped up to help me find myself on my dream path now that it's out there.

It was great meeting him, and I hope to meet him in the near future!

17.May 2022

Krzysztof is very kind person with huge experience. I was able to trust him and tell my story. Krzysztof is focused on helping people who are lost and unhappy. I am very pleased with the conversation with him and i will definitely talk to him again🙂

8.May 2022

Awesome, I will join for another session for sure.