Starting from making a "Hello World" program in C more then a decade ago, turning into Oracle certified JAVA programmer. Currently, I am working as a Principal Software Engineer. Parallelly with my formal graduation degree, I brainstormed and did a lot of work in full-stack development during my unoccupied time. My ambition is to continue ahead on my learning curve as an Engineer and to learn whatever I can put my hands on. A strong believer in the open-source movement, whenever I get a chance I try to contribute to the open-source community and in the future, my plan is to evolve on the same path.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Coding
  • Backend Development
  • Moving Abroad for Job
23.November 2023

Thanks Kunal for the session. The session was very helpful and informative. Your ideas definitely helped me and I will be doing the certifications as per your recommendation. Thanks!

12.October 2023

Amazing session with Kunal. It was very insightful and he was very helpful. Excellent listener and I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with him also. He gave me some great feedback and I will be sure to book again in the future once I have taken his advice ofcourse ;)

22.September 2023

Kunal has consistently impressed me with his dedication and professionalism. He possesses a remarkable ability to communicate effectively and efficiently. In our interactions, I have found Kunal to be very polite and courteous, which has created a positive and welcoming atmosphere. What truly sets Kunal apart is his commitment to providing point-to-point answers and insights. He has a knack for distilling complex information into clear and concise explanations, making it easy for others to understand and learn from.

4.September 2023

My recent mentoring session with Kunal was both enlightening and highly productive. Kunal's deep insights and a meticulously crafted plan of action tailored to my unique situation made this session stand out. Kunal's empathetic and attentive approach allowed me to openly share my challenges, setting the stage for a meaningful mentoring experience. His ability to provide invaluable inside insights opened my eyes to new perspectives and solutions. In conclusion, my mentoring session with Kunal was exceptional. I highly recommend Kunal to anyone seeking guidance and mentorship.

2.September 2023

It was a great session with Kunal Vohra. He has given good pointers regarding the choosing the tech role or management role(Career planning). He listened to my all queries with lot of patience & answered them as well. He gave good guidance regarding interview preparation process. He gave lot of brownie points "like how to present your self in interview, how to apply/approach to recruiters, how to deal with rejections, interview preparation strategy". He suggested the list of books which I can read to develop tech knowledge. The best part of the session is it just went like a breeze. Kunal has motivated me a lot which has boosted my confidence levels. I would love to schedule more sessions for Kunal for mock interviews in future. I would like to thank mentoring club for providing the platform for interaction.

31.August 2023

Thank you very much for your help Kunal! He gave me two goal, one long-term and one short-term according to my situation which is very helpful and he gave me valuable advice on a coming interview. At the same time, I got a book to read for the next session too!

23.August 2023

Dear Kunal, I wanted to extend my heartfelt gratitude for our recent mentor session. Your guidance and insights have been invaluable in my job search journey in the UK. Your expertise and willingness to help have truly made a positive impact. The advice you provided, ranging from refining my CV to understanding the nuances of the job market, has been a game-changer for me. Your insights have not only given me direction but have also boosted my confidence as I pursue my career goals. Thank you.

17.August 2023

I can't thank Kunal Vohra enough for his exceptional mentorship. His expert guidance was the cornerstone of my interview triumph and the strides I've taken in my current role. Kunal's constructive advice and profound industry acumen bestowed me with new lenses to excel. His approachability and eagerness to share knowledge fostered an environment of growth. With Kunal's invaluable backing, I've surpassed my own goals and expectations. His mentorship has been an uplifting journey that I'll forever treasure.

17.August 2023

I am immensely grateful for Kunal Vohra's exceptional mentorship. His insightful guidance was instrumental in helping me excel during interviews and elevate my performance in my current role. Kunal's expertise, patience, and dedication made every interaction impactful and empowering. His valuable advice not only bolstered my professional growth but also boosted my confidence. I truly appreciate his unwavering support and the positive impact he's had on my career journey. Kunal's mentorship is a priceless asset, and I'm fortunate to have had his guidance.

16.August 2023

My mentoring experience with Kunal Vohra was truly fantastic. His guidance and expertise proved invaluable as he attentively addressed my queries, offering comprehensive and insightful responses. Kunal's standout support was evident in enhancing my LinkedIn profile. His practical tips, tailored to my goals, significantly strengthened my online presence. His advice on crafting cover letters and conducting international job searches was enlightening. Kunal's meaningful insights simplified the process, reducing overwhelm. His engaging communication style facilitated effortless conversations. Despite the wealth of insights shared, I felt motivated to implement his recommendations. In summary, my mentoring with Kunal was amazing. His expertise and genuine interest in mentees' success fostered a learning-rich environment. I'm grateful for this opportunity and wholeheartedly recommend Kunal as a mentor for professional guidance and support.

15.August 2023

I had a great session. he cleared all my doubts.he was super helpful and humble. he is the perfect mentor. he provided all the steps for my preparation.I am short of words to say thank you. thank you so much Kunal for all the help and guidance.looking forward to meeting you soon:)

14.August 2023

With over a decade of global experience working in the software engineering industry, Kunal's mentoring session was extremely insightful. He expertly analyzed my profile and helped me identify crucial aspects that I had overlooked. The recommendations provided were practical and tailored to my situation, giving me a clear roadmap to enhance my chances of achieving my career goals. His mentoring style was a perfect blend of honesty, encouragement, and actionable advice. What stood out was Kunal's commitment to ongoing support. I believe this mentorship will play a pivotal role in shaping my professional journey. I'm excited about the prospects ahead and am immensely grateful for the opportunity to learn from someone so experienced and insightful. Thank You Kunal :)