// Mixpanel implementation The Mentoring Club - Lalit Kale

Hi, I am Lalit!

I am working as a Lead Platform Architect at Amdocs. Before Amdocs, I worked at Verizon, Dell Technologies to name a few. I have built global SaaS products and various large scale systems and pursue to have wider organizational impact. I enjoy being a reliable technical/engineering partner.

Mentoring is an important pursuit for me. Early in my career, I was fortunate enough to get guidance from good mentors. Also, I learned a lot from people, whose writing and open source work has influenced me. Not everyone has such fortune to get guidance and mentoring. This is the reason, I always wanted to set that chain reaction of “paying it forward”.

I had mentored a handful of engineers and people in different roles. However, ''The Mentoring Club'' provided me with an opportunity to scale myself as a mentor.

I love interacting with people from different cultures and nationalities and backgrounds. The diversity itself brings a different perspective and make things wholesome.

As a mentor, I understand your context, situational background, goals and specific challenges. Then, usually, navigate with you, to zero down on few approaches. After the first session, we can take the semi-structured or structured approach, if needed. Just a note, I may not have all the answers you may be seeking. In that case, I will be honest with you to say so and find the ones with you. I love to keep these sessions as a dialogue. I hope, this provides enough details for you to make a decision.

“Every mountaineer needs a Sherpa!”

Hope to see you in session soon!!

My Mentoring Topics

  • Leading Engineering Teams
  • Software Architecture
  • Public Cloud Journey
  • Organization Transformation
14.November 2021

Hi Lalit,

Thanks for mentoring me all the way. Its because of you, I had become more proficient in handling large scale systems and system design. Your knowledge in system design is amazing and I learnt a lot from your sessions and your experiences.

30.August 2021

The session was indeed helpfu. I came to know few things which I was not aware of earlier. I also really liked mentor's approach of organizing and driving the session.