Svitlana is a Product executive with 12 years of experience. She built her career in the international environment, working in big corporations, like Yandex and Axel Springer and in fast-growing startups, like Dalia and Latana. She made her path to a business executive role from a very technical background and had to learn how to navigate a multicultural environment and lead people with authenticity and structure. She now manages an organisation of 35+ people across products, tech, operations and business development. In the last three years, she raised a new generation of leaders in her team and is happy to share her experience and learning.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Team leadership
  • Team growth (feedback, growth plans, hiring)
  • Goals/OKRs setting
  • Stakeholders management, navigating company politics
  • Soft skills for product managers
  • Building product strategy & roadmap
  • Vertical growth into a leadership role

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