About me ✓ Lewis is a certified mentor

Lewis is a trusted partner & adviser to many European scale-ups, primarily focused on data & Engineering talent acquisition.

Lewis has delivered recruitment campaigns for some of the most successful tech companies globally and understands how to effectively scale a business, whilst remaining true to your culture.

As someone who is immersed in the Data world, constantly speaking to leaders/innovators and successfully building next-gen data & tech teams, he is keen to share insights on how to best position yourself as either candidate or hiring manager looking to attract the best talent. In a fiercely competitive market for top tech professionals, he has helped design talent attraction and retention programmes.

Lewis has benefited himself from the right mentorship and would love to give back with an honest, informal approach, designing a tailored plan for your desired progression.

Mentoring Topics

  • Talent Acquisition Process: Market Analysis, Salary Benchmarking
  • Career Coaching: Assessing skills gaps and making informed recommendations / How to position yourself for promotion or career progressing opportunities
  • Interview Strategy (Company) – How to improve candidate experience + refining interview process
  • Interview Strategy (Candidate) – Personal Branding, Interview preparation, how to present yourself in the best way possible


English - English

Country: United Kingdom Timezone: Europe/London

Reviews for Lewis

20.November 2021

Very helpful session! A lot of practical advice!

16.October 2021

It was extremely helpful. I could not have asked for much more. At the time I scheduled the session I was feeling overwhelmed and frankly dispirited by the mountain of confusing information out there about a new career I'm trying to transition to. Leaving the session, I felt relieved and heartened about the same transition. I also left equipped with new practical skills and a much larger toolbox as I try to find a new job in data/tech. This was my first mentoring experience and I must admit I did not expect to be as helpful as it was. Thanks Lewis. What a legend!!

8.October 2021

Yes, our session was very helpful. It gave me a better idea of how my skills and experience may translate to different types of data roles. Some better than others.