About me

Linda is a passionate community manager and minimalist who has spent over a decade working with people in communities. She has been coaching others to find their flow and improve their professional and social skills. Her personal journey on finding her passion and career path has led her to understand in-depth the struggles of job search and shaping a professional career. From starting her own consultancy business to becoming a digital nomad and transitioning to a new career she finally found a purpose and meaning in her new role.

Her slogans: "Nothing is learned if it‘s done correctly," and "learning equals behavioral change".

Interested in psychology, neuroscience, and anthropology she is dedicated to helping others find their journey and unlock their potentials.

Mentoring Topics

  • Interview preparations
  • Professional Development
  • CV and Cover letter preparation
  • First month at work preparation
  • Maintaining physical, emotional and logical wellbeing while searching for a role.
  • How to be a digital nomad /remote worker
  • Define your strengths and your career goals
Timezone: Europe/Rome