About me

Inspiring purpose-driven leaders to create greatness and joy in themselves and their teams.

In 3 words: Inspire, Empower, Transform.

In 29 words: I love using my skills and experience to make the world a place where everyone feels empowered to express their unique strengths and live their life to the fullest.

Full story? Read on:

The 'power within' and the transformation that leads to a meaningful, purposeful, joyful life: this is what motivates me at the core.

Since I was a child, I have always been fascinated by the human mind and by its power to turn dreams or nightmares into everyday reality.

In 2005, I became a certified NLP master advanced. What I thought was the end of the research, turned out to be just the beginning.

The same year, I was hired by Google.

One small step at a time, I developed my strategic skills, my ability to build relationships and to lead complex cross-functional projects.

People and team development never stopped to be on top of my priorities.

In my career, I am proud of the positive impact I had on people and businesses.

In leadership roles, I inspired and coached others to create more, to become more, and to be true to who they are and to their own unique talents.

In sales roles, I built authentic relationships with my customers, while empowering them to expand and thrive in international markets.

As an executive coach and RTT therapist, I love inspiring purpose-driven leaders to create greatness and joy in themselves and their teams

Mentoring Topics

  • leadership
  • emotional intelligence
  • high-performing teams
  • coaching
  • managing up and across
  • influencing
  • sales leadership
  • accountability
  • building trust
  • motivate and inspire
  • purpose driven leadership
  • growth mindset
  • thriving in change and complexity