About me

A Data strategist with a focus on leveraging data for growth. A successful record of developing scalable digital products

and creative solutions to empower organizations, drive growth, and deliver change.

• Expertise in defining product growth strategies and objectives derived from data-driven marketing and

research to drive top-of-funnel metrics, KPIs, and outcomes aligned to commercial vision and goals.

• Results-orientated methodology to generating revenue and user activation, blending data analysis,

manipulation, and visualization with user needs, habits, and trends to determine product strategy.

• Agile leadership approach that creates product design & development environments that encourage

disruptive innovation to unlock digital potential and solve complex problems.

• Hands-on experience managing and developing cross-functional teams including product managers, data

scientists, designers, engineers, marketers, and stakeholders delivering innovative user-centric solutions.

• Passionate about creating actionable data that allows teams to make quick, smart, and correct decisions.

Mentoring Topics

  • Data infrastructure
  • Data privacy
  • Data strategy
  • ROI and growth
  • Product and Marketing goals


English - English

Country: Germany Timezone: Europe/Berlin