Would love to talk about anything, especially interested in helping with career, team building, relocation for a career as well as startups and innovation.

About me:

Israeli-German. 20 years in the software development world in small and medium companies, mostly startups.

Almost half in leading and managing operations and development, ranging from one to multiple teams.

Grew in the tech-innovative Tel-Aviv startup ecosystem, and in the last nine years in the beautiful Hamburg, I have been involved in innovation development and working on various projects, utilizing big departmental budgets and resources, and projects.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Career Advice
  • Culture
  • Team building
  • Leadership & Management
  • Software Engineering
  • Working in Startups
  • Team Structure & Work Methodologies
  • UX, Design & User Research
9.November 2022

After a few talks with Lior, I can tell it's an excellent experience. Lior is a great listener, he has a positive approach, and he likes to understand situations deeply and reflect on them for you.

If you need some directions, I would recommend you do it!