About me

Product leader with a focus on growth, as the intersection between marketing, sales and product.

Business background, 8+ years of experience in B2C and B2B technology startups and 4+ years leading cross-functional teams.

Reforge Growth program alumnus.

Started in business consulting, early on focused on financial modeling for venture capital investors and on growth marketing analysis, to naturally evolve into product management for growth.

Matured extensive knowledge of marketing channel capabilities and KPIs.

Built and launched my first no-code early-stage product in the area of growth (lead generation), applying funnel and CRO principles to the world of chatbots.

Currently Director or Product at AirHelp.

In my free time, I write on my blog on product and growth, coach PMs from different companies and do talks for organisations on how to get started with growth.


• Growth product management: discovery and experimentation (AB tests), MVPs and launch

• Business strategy: business cases, industry analysis, business metrics, goal setting (OKRs)

• Cross-functional leadership: analysis, engineering, design, research, acquisition


• Personal development: shifting to product, growing in product

• Personal balance, productivity, expectation setting

• Growth product management: validation, cross team leadership, business modeling

Mentoring Topics

  • Product management,
  • Project management
  • Business analysis
  • Financial modeling
  • Business modeling
  • Business strategy
  • Growth
  • Growth product management
  • Personal development,
  • Personal balance
  • Mindfulness
Timezone: Europe/Berlin

Reviews for Livio

19.October 2021

The session was super helpful. I knew already Livio personally, and I read his blog. So I found it natural to ask him for feedback. With my company we just launched the Italian market. So I discussed with Livio my need to improve the conversion rate. I liked his very direct communication style and he provided some immediately actionable tactics.

13.August 2021

It was very helpful, 25 minutes very well invested. thank you so much Livio, cant wait to talk more

To be. honest, i don't have critical feedback... if i have to find something then i would say;

- is there a chance to have a longer session?

- As i sent you the topic and some talking points in advance, did you. have the chance. to see them?

30.July 2021