About me

I’ve been navigating the product management labyrinth for 10 years, and what an exciting journey it has been!

Working predominantly in the Health and Legal industries, I’ve undertaken a number of roles including Senior Product Owner, Product Manager to now Head of Product. One thing’s for sure, no two days, businesses, product teams or R&D management teams are the same. Even over time in the same organisation!

With there being so many different flavours of product management, it’s important to understand what works for YOUR organisation and what works for you and/your teams as product professionals. Organisational change is inevitable and being a key part of any software business, the product management function needs to continuously learn to adapt quickly. The great thing about product management is that you can fail fast in order to succeed by testing your hypothesis, trying new methodologies and simply find out what works.

Mentoring Topics

  • Product Management 101
  • Product Ownership
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Change Management
  • New to Product Management
  • Agile Methodologies
  • User Research
  • Building a Product Team
  • Product Launch


English - English

Country: United Kingdom Timezone: Europe/London

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