About me

Hi, My name is Luiz and I am looking forward to support you as a human being in search to be an even more impressive professional!

My professional journey started in advertising agencies, passing through e-commerces, incubators, travel industry and now I work at Delivery Hero.

From SEO analyst, passing to UX Designer, trying to start my own company and now as a Product Manager, count on me to very open conversations about any topics you believe can help you reach your goals.

Mentoring Topics

  • Team culture
  • Product frameworks
  • Stakeholder management
  • Innovation
  • experimentation
  • Measure impact
  • Design thinking
  • Product Management
  • Growth
  • Agile methodologies
  • building trust
  • communication
  • Prioritisation
Timezone: Europe/Berlin

Reviews for Luiz

29.June 2021

This session was more than helpful. I learnt so much in less than an hour regarding product management than I have ever learnt by reading books and articles online. he was very practical about the subject. He was very knowledgeable about the topic. He was patient and broke down the topics to my understanding. He is very knowledgeable and shares the truth

24.June 2021

The session was super friendly and I felt I could reconnect further sessions with you if need be. I loved the feedback and look forward to having you as a mentor in my PM journey :)

10.June 2021

Yes it was helpful. I got a glimpse of what kind of questions they ask as product Manager and some links info into product Manager.

8.June 2021

The session was amazing, better than I expected. I've been participating in PM interviewing processes and he shared with me lots of experience on this matter. He could also talk about personal, which is believe is very important for our relationship. The only feedback I have is to keep doing it because you're very good at it. Thanks!

20.April 2021

Great session, quite insightful.

17.April 2021

Hi Luiz,

You were fantastic. A real mentor needs to provide support and that's exactly what you did. I was struggling to connect the dots and you made sure what could be my best approach. I would certainly say I will stay in touch and also looking forward to future sessions. Thank you for your time now and in future. :-)

6.April 2021

Yes! Luiz was super friendly in our session and allowed me to be more relaxed to ask my questions directly. He openly used his experiences as examples both in his past and current positions to responding my questions. The conversation felt very transparent and pleasant. Also, I wasn't expecting that he pulled out a graph (Itamar Gilad High Impact Product Management) to demonstrate his point. That was also great because he left me a 'piece of tool' that I can add to my professional 'tool box'. I look forward to future exchanges with him.

5.April 2021

Thank you so much to him for the kind answers of my questions about product management interviews. It was very helpful experience for me.

22.March 2021

We talked about experiences abroad and what are the expectations of a Product Designer from a Product manager perspective. Besides the doing end-to-end design process, they should always have grounded arguments to question decisions advocating for users. You also gave me a clear view of the next steps to apply for job positions abroad