Hello, my name is Lukasz I come from Poland and I am a self taught software developer working mainly with .NET & Azure.

I'm currently involved in building a microservices application for HR management. Previously I've helped to build a health assistant backend running on cloud, a web crawler, a dynamic pricing system integrated with eBay and Amazon, a parcel shipping platform or a high performance engine for rental cars offer aggregation.

I really enjoy being asked a questions that I do not know an answer for. Such situations show me areas in which I still have to improve and I believe in value of such experience. Sharing knowledge is in my opinion one of the best ways to improve yourself.

I'll be happy to help you if you decide to schedule a session with me. We can talk about technology, some problem you're trying to solve, a project you're building or even about some career decisions you're standing in front of.

Do not hesitate to contact me :)

My Mentoring Topics

  • How to become a software developer
  • Teaching basics of programming
  • Helping with complicated tasks
  • Development of software projects
  • Preparation for interviews
  • Career advice and development
29.November 2022

Session was very helpful. Thank you for all the great resources and helping me to resolve my doubts. Grateful for your time!

20.September 2022

One of the best mentor on this platform, very Professional and easy to talk to.

I highly recommend booking a session with Mr.lucas.

19.July 2022

That was a valuable session. Lukasz helped me with problematic parts of my code, provided sort of independent review for the solution in general, pointed at few issues, that contradict the best industry practices and provided with a helpful advice regarding my so to speak soft skills.

Once again, I am more than satisfied with the session and would recommend Lukasz and the site to my acquaintances.

1.November 2021

It offered a significant insight into a backend of a project I am currently working on and greatly appreciate the help and assistance. The extensive knowledge of varied technologies and resources was also helpful.

31.October 2021

- a lot of knowledge

- great willingness to pass on knowledge

- issues explained in detail but in "understandable language"

- a lot of examples from the life of a programmer

Designing Data-Intensive Applications - The Big Ideas Behind Reliable, Scalable, and Maintainable Systems
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