Hello friends! A little over a year ago, I embarked on a new path in UX, following the completion of a year-long boot camp. This journey has proven to be incredibly enriching. Along the way, I've not only learned a great deal about myself but also gained valuable insights into the UX profession from various sources. I am eager to offer my support as you navigate your own transition into the world of user experience. My aim is to champion your existing strengths and skillset from your previous career, while also sharing my extensive knowledge of how UX teams operate in startup environments. If you happen to be a solo designer, I can provide you with some useful tips. I am enthusiastic about commencing my mentoring journey and aiding you in the launch of your UX career.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Career transition to UX
  • User experience team of one
  • Working as a UX designer at a startup
2.November 2023

Madhura is an awesome mentor. She has good knowledge about UI/UX Tech industry. It was a great interactive session.