About me


my name is Maja (Maya) and I am a lean operational excellence enthusiast.

I have more than 20 years of experience in customer support; holding various coaching, leadership and management positions.

My personal and professional experience, together with the knowledge I have attained by feeding my curiosity, have shaped my personality and my development as a person, leader, and colleague I am today.

I believe it is very important to be self-aware and to nurture our curiosity and creativity, so that we can enable lifelong learning and growth mindset, countering unconscious bias.

Experience summary:

Industries: Telecom, Tech, Healthcare, Outsourcing

Markets/ regions: AMER, EMEA, LATAM, APAC, JAPA

On-site and remote leadership and management of multilingual, cross-functional teams: 3 – 100 people (Agents, Specialists, Team Leaders, Senior Team Leaders, Training, QA, WFM teams)

Customer interactions: inbound & outbound calls, IVR, chats, e-mails, letters, surveys

Reporting & analysis with a focus on continuous improvement and optimization

Project management

I enjoy sharing my knowledge and promoting operational excellence by teaching others about different methods, tools and ways of thinking. Knowledge increases by sharing, so I always make time.

Mentoring Topics

  • Leadership & Management
  • Coaching, Training & Development
  • Contact centres
  • Customer Experience
  • Complaint Management
  • Effective communication
  • Assertiveness
  • Problem solving
  • Process improvement
  • Time management
  • Personal development
  • SOP's
Country: Ireland Timezone: Europe/Dublin