I understood the creative power that is linked to computer the very first time I was able to put my hands on a keyboard, even more the very first day I received a cable connection. Combine this with the knowledge of the importance of algorithms and user interfaces, has allowed me to expand my understanding of programming, protocols, security and systems. I have been working in this field for over twenty years now and my experience allows me to be creative on daily basis, doing a job I love. I always have been eager to understand each level of interaction of my applications and the final user (code, system, transport, security, usability). The fields I like most, but haven't necessarily work professionally with, are automation, distributed systems, scalability, security and usability. I have been extremely fortunate to have traveled the world twice. This has allowed me to see new cultures, ideas, how people lead there daily lives all over the globe and organize short and long adventures. It had on occasions taken me out out my comfort zone but the experience has brought new ideas to my working life and enriched my view of the world for ever. I'm a person with a strong social side with a need to create and manage excellent interpersonal relationships to work in a positive environment. I’m a performer as I’m always looking into solutioning problems with a vision or further improvements. I like to have some freedom to foster my ideas and to take pleasure in my activities.

My Mentoring Topics

  • cloud computing
  • infrastructure
  • security
  • software engineering

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