I have been working in the digital industry since the end of 1999. My main field of expertise is Digital Marketing, Digital Strategy and Marketing Management. Over the last 15 years I have been especially focusing on Digital Sales (e-commerce and marketplace) and Inbound Marketing / Marketing Automation / Lead Generation. During this time, I worked on over 1.000 marketing projects, involving e-commerce, lead generation and generally inbound marketing. I had a chance to use a variety of tools and channels in Marketing Campaigns (B2B and B2C campaigns), even in industrial sectors (such as heavy manufacturing, machinery...) and thus circumstances in which you can't just “put a landing page up” and get Google Ads to find leads for you. I have a 17+ years experience in the Digital Industry and 20+ years experience in Sales (I started a sales job when I was still studying). Plus a 10+ years in supporting the launch of brand, product and services, especially digital oriented, or sold online. My greatest asset is being a marketing expert with a solid understanding of the technologies enabling the digital transformation of a company. Having a mixed background, as a consultant, a manager and an entrepreneur (as well as angel investor) I had an opportunity to gain a working knowledge of how web and mobile applications are designed, coded, tested and deployed. I wrote a book: "Come si fa a promuovere con Google", (or "how to promote your business on Google" - first edition in 2007 and second edition in 2010); it has been for over 6 months in IT top 10 of Amazon.it.

My Mentoring Topics

  • startups
  • business development
  • mvp
  • marketing
  • pr
  • advertising
  • lead generation
  • growth
  • product development
  • ux

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