Experienced product and design expert specializing in technological solutions, digital health, and startup mentoring (7+ years of experience). Listed in Forbes 30U30. Proven track record in creating successful products, improving user experiences, and driving business objectives. Passionate about leveraging technology to enhance patient outcomes and streamline healthcare processes. Skilled in identifying market opportunities and providing valuable insights to foster startup growth. Committed to delivering exceptional results in diverse industries. Extensive experience in creating educational courses for various categories of students and learners and teaching in business, medicine, technology, design, and virtual reality. Spoke at the main Europe stages such WebSummit, TechChill, Slush etc.

My Mentoring Topics

  • The startup, entrepreneurship, career advice & self-mastery, diversity and inclusion, innovation, emotional intelligence, Leadership & Management, Design, Experience Design, Time management, Product management, negotiation, pitch presentation, Virtual reality, digital health, women in tech, career transformation, psychology, coaching, software engineering, community building and management

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