I have many years of strategic and operational leadership experience in technology management in various sectors such as real estate, travel, film, banking, renewables, shipping, gas & oil.

Along my journey so far, I've met some amazing people and taken something away from every conversation to self-develop. This is why I believe that every engagement we have in life is a transaction that creates a bankable knowledge-base of wealth. For me, the time has come to distribute some of that information currency in the hope that it makes an impact on the lives and careers of others.

I would be happy to support you on your journey, and if you feel I can add value then please do get in touch.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Leadership & Management
  • Business Strategy
  • Business Operations
  • Cyber Security
  • Team Development
  • Culture
  • Innovation
25.March 2022

Session was really helpful for me.

Thank you for your positive energy.

14.February 2022

Very helpful. Thanks for taking the time to explain the need for certain processes and validate my ideas.

8.February 2022

Our session was very helpful, I gained some tools that I can use to make work efficient. It was refreshing to speak about things that we are both passionate about and just to learn how you have been able to navigate that path.

19.January 2022

Great Session !

28.October 2021

thank you Mark for the amazing session!