My expertise is in helping organizations achieve extraordinary growth by shaping products that customers want and are willing to pay for, and creating the organizational foundation to launch and scale products efficiently. I have built and launched successful software and SaaS products into the market, and can work cross-functionally with sales, service teams, and support to enable success of both the product and customer. I have built and grown customer relationships internationally, and can bring a global perspective to any project.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Product Management
  • Product Strategy
  • GTM Strategy
  • SaaS
17.April 2023

Mark was exceptional to talk to. His leadership skills and expertise in the field of product management are invaluable for a career starter like me. He shared his experiences from working in startups all the way to big corporates. He was generous with his time and listened and immediately understood the core problem I was facing. His thoughts and inputs were spot on and really helped me get a better perspective on how I should tackle my problems. For me, the best part, besides finally having someone who really understood my problems, was that I took away so many valuable things that I could implement directly in my job and life. I am so grateful that I got to talk to Mark and can't wait for our next session.

14.April 2023

The session was great. I needed help in a new start up I'm building called Teko. Mark was spot on in terms of how I should focus on user persona and who's problem I'm trying to solve. Overall, I was very happy and positive after the session and looking forward to the next one with him.

INSPIRED - How to Create Tech Products Customers Love
Marty Cagan

How do today’s most successful tech companies—Amazon, Google, Facebook, Netflix, Tesla—design, develop, and deploy the products that have earned the love of literally billions of people around the world? Perhaps surprisingly, they do it very differently than the vast majority of tech companies. In INSPIRED, technology product management thought leader Marty Cagan provides readers with a master class in how to structure and staff a vibrant and successful product organization, and how to discover and deliver technology products that your customers will love—and that will work for your business. With sections on assembling the right people and skillsets, discovering the right product, embracing an effective yet lightweight process, and creating a strong product culture, readers can take the information they learn and immediately leverage it within their own organizations—dramatically improving their own product efforts. Whether you’re an early stage startup working to get to product/market fit, or a growth-stage company working to scale your product organization, or a large, long-established company trying to regain your ability to consistently deliver new value for your customers, INSPIRED will take you and your product organization to a new level of customer engagement, consistent innovation, and business success. Filled with the author’s own personal stories—and profiles of some of today’s most-successful product managers and technology-powered product companies, including Adobe, Apple, BBC, Google, Microsoft, and Netflix—INSPIRED will show you how to turn up the dial of your own product efforts, creating technology products your customers love. The first edition of INSPIRED, published ten years ago, established itself as the primary reference for technology product managers, and can be found on the shelves of nearly every successful technology product company worldwide. This thoroughly updated second edition shares the same objective of being the most valuable resource for technology product managers, yet it is completely new—sharing the latest practices and techniques of today’s most-successful tech product companies, and the men and women behind every great product.