About me

Hey! I'm Mathias. I work for Strategyzer. We develop innovation methodology, programs to teach it and software to support it for growth and transformation. You might know some of our tools like the Business Model Canvas or the Value Proposition Canvas.

I work in professional IT since 2002. During this time I was responsible for support, software architecture, coaching/consulting, management, programming and product management. I worked for start-ups, SMEs and enterprises in different industries.

I would love to help you with any of the topics listed below. You can at least expect to get a different perspective on your problem or challenge. This is my chance to give something back.

Let's have a chat!

Mentoring Topics

  • Front-end development (JavaScript, TypeScript, React, CSS and friends)
  • Back-end development (Rails, Node)
  • Software Architecture
  • Data Models
  • Product Engineering
  • Start-up coaching (Business Models, Value Proposition Design, Testing Business Ideas)
  • Remote Work (async work, digital nomadism with kids)