Mayank Kumar, Data Scientist

I am a data scientist with experience in more than 4-5 industries. I have a background in mathematics and computer science and have worked with data for over 5 years. I am skilled in data analysis, machine learning, data science, predictive modelling, and statistics. I have a passion for finding meaning in data and helping others to do the same.

Data science is very vast and exhaustive and people might get confused about the roadmap and the resource so, being a data scientist, I can help you with the tailored syllabus and also guide you through it. I have worked as a mentor for different companies where I used to take the mock interview as well through which I can help them with the expected questions.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Data Science
  • Data analysis
  • statistics
  • mock interviews
  • data manipulation
  • Visualisation
  • data science & analytics
  • domain knowledge
  • roadmap
  • career goals
  • Career advice in ds.

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