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Mia Chang

Mia Chang ✓ certified mentor

✓ certified mentor
ML Specialist Solutions Architect Amazon Web Service

As a Machine Learning Specialist Solution Architect, I talk to customers in EMEA and provide them best practices for their ML projects. Besides, I also compile blog posts, code samples, podcast, conference speaking content about ML on AWS as part of my job.

During my seven years of career, I spent my first four years in Taipei, Taiwan as a backend engineer, data scientist in startups. After that I moved to Berlin, Germany. I worked as a senior data scientist in a real estate company. Then join AWS as ML specialist solutions architect.

Happy to share my knowledge about: Data scientist career path/Women in tech/Work culture differences (company size/countries/industries)

I speak at 50+ technical events around the globe, and published two technical books on Amazon. And as the community organizer of TPG, Taiwanese professionals in Germany, since 2019.

If you are interested in these topics. I'm open to talk about: personal branding as an engineer/ community organization/ build professional networking.

Talk to you soon.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Data Science Career Path
  • Women in Tech
  • Personal Branding as an Engineer
  • Community Organization
  • Build Professional Networking
  • Working Culture Differences (company size/countries/industries)
16.February 2022

The session was excellent, I received good insights about the industry and was given good guidance on preparation steps to learn the field. Really appreciate the notes given to me post-session. Thank you for a great mentoring session!

14.February 2022

Being able to hear the tasks assigned in real-world practice during the session was valuable information for me. This content is not easy to approach unless you have the chance to talk to someone who is experienced about it. I could feel that Mia was prepared for the questions that I asked during booking this session and was willing to provide additional information/learning materials regarding my further questions. It was a great experience for using Mentoring Club for the first time.

2.February 2022

Mia was on time for the call. She was very patient and kind, she listened to me patiently and started giving me all the required information. Please have a notebook so that you can take down all the points. I was able to take all those important points in the notebook.

20.January 2022

The session was amazing. It was very informative and got a lot of advice about moving into the data science field. How I should approach an interview, how to prepare and talk about my projects. What to focus on in terms of skills sets. I feel more confident after talking to her. So thank you Mia.

13.January 2022

Within 45 mins mentoring session, this session helps me identify my career goal and learn how to prepare myself mentally when continuously growing in my career without burnout or having imposter syndrome. Mia also shared some useful learning resources with me to buildup my technical skillsets. I would like to build up a long-term and steady mentee/mentor relationship with Mia for seeking advice in my career and exchange the experience from each other.

Lean Analytics - Use Data to Build a Better Startup Faster
Alistair Croll, Benjamin Yoskovitz

If you’re involved with a startup, analytics help you find your way to the right product and market before the money runs out. But with a flood of information available, where do you start? This book shows you what to measure, how to analyze it, and how to report it, whether you’re evaluating your business model, testing new features, enticing investors, or reporting progress to advisers. Written by Alistair Croll (founder of Coradiant) and Ben Yoskovitz (co-founder of Year One Labs), Lean Analytics lays out practical, proven steps to take your startup from initial idea to product/market fit and beyond. Examples and case studies show entrepreneurs and intrapreneneurs (entrepreneurs inside larger organizations) how to identify and measure a startup’s single most important metric, and how to iterate until you get it right. While the authors primarily cover technology startups, their lessons can be applied far beyond the Web. Even traditional businesses are embracing a lean, learn-first approach, as demonstrated by owners of a San Francisco deli that used a temporary "pop-up" method to optimize their menu and operations before launching a permanent restaurant.

Ask for More - 10 Questions to Negotiate Anything
Alexandra Carter

**Instant Wall Street Journal Bestseller** “A joy to read.” —Douglas Stone and Sheila Heen, authors of Difficult Conversations “Like having a negotiation coach in your corner…giving you the courage to ask for more.” —Linda Babcock, author of Women Don’t Ask Ask for More shows that by asking better questions, you get better answers—and better results from any negotiation. Negotiation is not a zero-sum game. It’s an essential skill for your career that can also improve your closest relationships and your everyday life, but often people shy away from it, feeling defeated before they’ve even started. In this groundbreaking new book on negotiation, Ask for More, Alexandra Carter—Columbia law professor and mediation expert who has helped students, business professionals, the United Nations, and more—offers a straightforward, accessible approach anyone can use to ask for and get more. We’ve been taught incorrectly that the loudest and most assertive voice prevails in any negotiation, or otherwise both sides compromise, ending up with less. Instead Carter shows that you get far more value by asking the right questions of the person you’re negotiating with than you do from arguing with them. She offers a simple yet powerful ten-question framework for successful negotiation where both sides emerge victorious. Carter’s proven method extends far beyond one “yes” and instead creates value that lasts a lifetime. Ask for More gives you the tools to bring clarity and perspective to any important discussion, no matter the topic.

The Memo - What Women of Color Need to Know to Secure a Seat at the Table
Minda Harts

From microaggressions to the wage gap, The Memo empowers women of color with actionable advice on challenges and offers a clear path to success. Most business books provide a one-size-fits-all approach to career advice that overlooks the unique barriers that women of color face. In The Memo, Minda Harts offers a much-needed career guide tailored specifically for women of color. Drawing on knowledge gained from her past career as a fundraising consultant to top colleges across the country, Harts now brings her powerhouse entrepreneurial experience as CEO of The Memo to the page. With wit and candor, she acknowledges "ugly truths" that keep women of color from having a seat at the table in corporate America. Providing straight talk on how to navigate networking, office politics, and money, while showing how to make real change to the system, The Memo offers support and long-overdue advice on how women of color can succeed in their careers.

Natural Language Processing with Transformers - Building Language Applications with Hugging Face
Lewis Tunstall, Leandro von Werra, Thomas Wolf

Since their introduction in 2017, Transformers have quickly become the dominant architecture for achieving state-of-the-art results on a variety of natural language processing tasks. If you're a data scientist or machine learning engineer, this practical book shows you how to train and scale these large models using HuggingFace Transformers, a Python-based deep learning library. Transformers have been used to write realistic news stories, improve Google Search queries, and even create chatbots that tell corny jokes. In this guide, authors Lewis Tunstall, Leandro von Werra, and Thomas Wolf use a hands-on approach to teach you how Transformers work and how to integrate them in your applications. You'll quickly learn a variety of tasks they can help you solve. Build, debug, and optimize Transformer models for core NLP tasks, such as text classification, named entity recognition, and question answering Learn how Transformers can be used for cross-lingual transfer learning Apply Transformers in real-world scenarios where labeled data is scarce Make Transformer models efficient for deployment using techniques such as distillation, pruning, and quantization Train Transformers from scratch and learn how to scale to multiple GPUs and distributed environments

Edge - Turning Adversity into Advantage
Laura Huang

There's power in owning the obstacles you might face. This book shows you how to unlock it. In an ideal world, we'd succeed based on our actual skills and performance. But in the real world, subtle perceptions and stereotypes - about appearance, race, gender, experience and more - colour others' perceptions. The result might be that your hard work isn't noticed or appreciated, your effort doesn't lead to proportional rewards and your good ideas aren't taken seriously. But it doesn't have to be that way. As Harvard Business School Professor Laura Huang has discovered, there's a way to flip stereotypes and obstacles in your favour. Drawing on compelling case studies and her groundbreaking research on overcoming bias, Huang explains that by finding your edge, you can turn perceived disadvantages into real strengths - and into real success. Creating an edge is the key to succeeding within an imperfect system. Edge will help you make your hard work work harder for you. It will help you be seen - and empower you to take the spotlight with authenticity, charm and poise.