Finance, strategy and startup enthusiast that has lived through the challenges of building up a finance, legal and BI department from scratch, willing to pass on learnings, challenge and get challenged to have a positive impact on the development of high potentials.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Finance
  • Legal
  • BI
  • Strategy
  • Leadership topics for young leaders and small startups
4.August 2021

The mentoring session with Michael was very helpful. Despite his busy schedules, he generously provided me with plenty of time to discuss and give his valuable insights / advices based on his consulting and startup careers. I especially liked how he genuinely wants to help others, how he was very compassionate, and how his advices were action-oriented. I highly recommend him as a mentor, especially to someone who is trying to transition from strategy / management consulting to startups. Thank you again, Michael!

13.July 2021

I found our session helpful and enjoyable. It helped me consider perspectives and areas that are relevant when creating a function from scratch within a startup environment.

29.June 2021

Hi Michael, I found very helpful the mentoring session with you. You gave me good advice on how to approach the German job market and some strategies that I could use. I liked the way you talked to me and the honesty. Furthermore, the way you managed the mentoring projected confidence and inspiration. Thank you so much for your help and I hope I could bring you good news in the next months. Have fun on your vacations.

28.June 2021

I was a very insightful. I would like to keep mentoring ongoing, as I think regular interaction is the most efficient way to bond mentee and mentor.