About me ✓ Michael is a certified mentor

I have nearly 30 years corporate experience. My roles included Chief Information Officer, Head of Organisation Change Management, Programme Manager. A few years back I stepped out of the corporate world to invest in my own wellbeing, self reflection and knowledge. I had already been practicing yoga and mindfulness for about 5 years prior to that and I decided to get certified as a yoga teacher. In addition I completed a Bachelor of Applied Social science degree, majoring in Psychology and Counselling. I currently teach yoga and facilitate Mindfulness Practices both privately and with the workplace. At an individual level I help people find their inner peace and wisdom through a healing practice that combines my counselling training and my mindfulness training. From a community service point of view, I do volunteer counseling for a local NPO.

Overall I am passionate about improving the wellbeing of individuals.

Mentoring Topics

  • Self awareness and self development
  • Mindfulness based healing for anxiety and emotional distress
  • Leadership development


English - English

Country: South Africa Timezone: Africa/Johannesburg