Michael  O'Rourke

Michael O'Rourke

Yoga Instructor, Mindfulness Facilitator, Holistic Healer, Leadership Development Coach Prana Love Mindfulness

I have nearly 30 years corporate experience. My roles included Chief Information Officer, Head of Organisation Change Management, Programme Manager. A few years back I stepped out of the corporate world to invest in my own wellbeing, self reflection and knowledge. I had already been practicing yoga and mindfulness for about 5 years prior to that and I decided to get certified as a yoga teacher. In addition I completed a Bachelor of Applied Social science degree, majoring in Psychology and Counselling. I currently teach yoga and facilitate Mindfulness Practices both privately and with the workplace. At an individual level I help people find their inner peace and wisdom through a healing practice that combines my counselling training and my mindfulness training. From a community service point of view, I do volunteer counseling for a local NPO. Overall I am passionate about improving the wellbeing of individuals.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Self awareness and self development
  • Mindfulness based healing for anxiety and emotional distress
  • Leadership development
28.October 2020

1) Not compromising on self care 2) I'm on the right path 3) very practical links and further reading

7.October 2020

I learned about the corporate world vs values and taking care of ourselves, I learned about being able to park things and focus on myself, and also it was great hearing about how Michael communicates - really interesting session

9.September 2020

To be open to the world and to be grateful for wonderful people around and the opportunity to meet more of them using The mentoring club. Thank you!

10.July 2020

Everything is possible, it's never too late, all answers are inside. I was so inspired and motivated. I am super grateful! Thank you for this amazing opportunity.

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