About me

All of my professional career I have been involved with Hilti, a market leader in professional hardware and solutions for construction industry. I worked in sales, logistics and now, since 6 years in marketing. I have experience working both for local market as well as with regional steering.

I have seen and worked on expanding the sales portfolio from hardware only sales to solutions and services.

Currently I live and work in Qatar, overseeing Marketing, Engineering, Solution Selling Team and Customer Service, Stores and Outbound sales channels.

I like working with people, helping them develop, share my experience and brainstorm on ideas.

I am a ski instructor and worked as a ski coach for 8 years during my studies. I also love sailing, cycling, scuba diving and a few others.

Mentoring Topics

  • product management
  • fulfillment
  • solution selling
  • marketing
  • strategy
  • business development
Country: Qatar Timezone: Asia/Riyadh