About me

Hi 👋

I'm a software engineer experienced in building distributed data-intensive systems. Over the past years, I worked on different international teams and contributed to the development of software products in multiple sectors, including Smart Home, Cloud Native IoT, Education, and Logistics.

In my free time, I support the newcomers to IT by mentoring, career coaching, and teaching Python at the ReDI School of Digital Integration.

I will be happy to help you with the mentoring topics below!

Mentoring Topics

  • Career advice, individual coaching
  • Finding your first job in IT
  • Tech and behavioral interview preparation
  • Tech stack: Python, SQL, Data Engineering/Analytics, Backend, Infrastructure, AWS, Azure.
Country: Germany Timezone: Europe/Berlin

Reviews for Mikalai

8.October 2021

The session was really great. Mikalai helped me to set up a plan for my hobby projects. He is really knowledgeable and has tons of practical experience in the field. Looking forward to talk with him again!

4.October 2021

Все прошло отлично. Было очень приятно пообщаться. Ты ответал на все мои вопросы и рассказал про свой опыт. Очень ценно для меня, спасибо!

25.September 2021

The session was very helpful! You asked good questions, listened and gave me actionable advice that I did not think about myself. Looking forward to meeting again after some time.

7.August 2021

It was a great session! Even though we couldn’t fix the issue in the hour of the session, I now know what I need to do to in order to fix it. We also got a step closer and learnt about hosting and databases. So I would definitely recommend it