• Proven business executive, operationally oriented business partner, and collaborative team builder with a flair for transforming organizational go-to-market strategies and outperforming sales goals for leading companies. Multi-industry, in-depth business development forerunner with an entrepreneurial mind, strong business acumen, and technical understanding who has built a community of practice that focuses on driving enterprise growth and inspires all stakeholders to deliver results for customers, colleagues, and community stakeholders, recognized for a strategic and collaborative approach to developing, communicating, and executing initiatives across innovation, product development, marketing, and business development.

• Venture capital professional known for an authentic and inspiring leadership style that brings financial acumen drives to completion through consensus building, achieves demanding operational goals, turns vision into strategy, and executes with a result-driven reputation for accuracy, credibility, and integrity. Digitalization pioneer specialist with proven success in leading high-growth small and middle-market companies, both private and public, to achieve transformational goals. Human resources officer concerned with the future of work, inclusion, diversity, and equity who constantly innovates to empower corporate talents and shape a thriving workplace who majored in management and economics who focuses on developing license revenue growth opportunities and expanding and retaining the customer base via new services, positioning, and improvements that increase the adoption and retention of benefits.

• Experienced consultant to the C-suite, executive boards, transformation offices, and management teams in the areas of corporate strategy, customer experience, marketing, and brand strategy, recruitment, employee engagement and culture, operating model/organizational design, and performance improvement with deep expertise in high growth middle-market companies that are going through a strategic transformation. An accomplished blockchain, business analysis, and artificial intelligence expert who advised clients on a wide range of topics, including strategy, digital and analytics, enterprise transformation, service operations, distribution, technology, risk assessment, marketing, and sustainability transformation who has held C-suite positions at financial, consulting, and startup firms that work toward building future based on web3 technologies.

My Mentoring Topics

  • - Startup initiation
  • - Funding process

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