A Technologist with diverse experience in building high-performance, scalable, enterprise-grade applications from Scratch.

Extensive experience across Different type of Orgs - StartUps , Product Companies.

Loves solving complex Business Problems on scale.

Have extensive experience in multiple Domains - Ecommerce , Demand Supply Matching , Talent Recruiting Products( ATS ) , Building FinTech Ecosystem.

I love to code and do hands on with development and mentor the team for greater good.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Mentoring on following topics -
  • 1. DSA
  • 2. Problem Solving
  • 3. Career Growth path in a company
  • 4. Interview process for Elite Product companies and roadmap to crack them
  • 5. Best engineering practices
  • 6. Guidance on building scalable and reliable Tech systems
  • 7. Engineering Manager and Principal Engineer Growth Path

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